Welcome To Schlumpf O’Neill’s Website

schlumpfWelcome to the official website for Schlumpf O’Neill.

After several years, the Facebook page is being retired because, well, Facebook sucks. Therefore, all of Schlumpf’s updates from now on will now be on his own site.

I initially had the site open for people to register to leave comments. But in the past 48 hours, I have been flooded with hundreds of spam users, and three hacking attempts. So I have closed off registrations, and will have to do it myself (which will be tedious).

So if you want to be registered, send me an email at mark@markoneill.org and tell me who you are (if I don’t already know you), and the email you want to register with. You will then get a WordPress link as soon as possible. If not, check your spam folder, as WordPress often ends up there, for some strange reason.

Enjoy the site. Please share the posts, and please comment!